What is a mobile friendly website?

An example website upgrade before and after for one of our clients.


To be mobile friendly this website has:

  • a clearly visible phone number which when you tap with your finger it calls using your phone automatically.
  • a mobile main menu denoted by 3 stacked lines (made popular by Facebook mobile app)
  • a bigger logo to clearly show the company
  • slightly bigger text so it is readable without zooming in
  • a slider which can be swiped with the finger back and forth
  • bigger clickable call to action buttons to find more information

Another example upgrade we have done for one of our clients:


To be mobile friendly this website has:

  • a bigger contact form which resizes to the mobile screen size
  • a mobile menu which loads on finger tap
  • a bigger more visible logo and title

If you would like a website upgrade feel free to contact us for a free quote!

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