How to add YEM to a WordPress Button

How to Add YEM to a button on your WordPress website. YEM is a leading enquiry management tool which allows business owners to collect enquiries smartly with automated reponses, funnel enquiry types, multiple team members and more. YEM’s free tools are used by wedding suppliers
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Server Errors that Damage SEO Efforts

Server errors, more correctly server header status codes, can damage SEO efforts, so it is important to understand how these work and what they indicate to the search engines.

When your server gets a request to display one of your website’s pages from a visitor’s web browser, the server returns a server header status code to the visitor’s web browser, saying that the page is okay ‘HTTP/1.1 200 OK’.

This is accompanied by other information, such as the HTML code, which the visitor’s web browser uses to show the specific web page and its content.

This is however, unless there is an issue with the page. Each code delivers a different message and these can directly impact the page’s ranking with the search engines.

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Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Website Developers


Here are a few things you should look for when deciding on a website developer. Looking for these things will give you a better chance of finding a good one who will help you grow your business and help you achieve your business goals.

  1. They include an hourly rate for work beyond that specified in their estimate.
  2. They use popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla or open source.
  3. They provide some alternative contact details if they are going to be away for more than a day or two.
  4. They provide contact details of references.
  5. When designing the website, they plan for the future rather than base it on the past.
  6. They inform you how often your website will be backed up and explain the restore procedure.
  7. They put focus on helping you grow your business and achieve your goals rather than pushing the sale.
  8. They provide you with access to your website analytics so you can monitor traffic.
  9. They speak in a language you understand. You need to understand what your getting, when and why.
  10. Suggest one below in comments!
Free Websites

10+ Things You Need to Know About FREE DIY Websites

These days its essential that every serious business needs to have a website. So there is a cheap website, and there is a good website. Here we take a quick look at why going for a free “do if yourself” option might not benefit your business.

Using a FREE DIY Website Builder will cost you time, and money! Here is a few reasons why:

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