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How to add YEM to a WordPress Button

How to Add YEM to a button on your WordPress website. YEM is a leading enquiry management tool which allows business owners to collect enquiries smartly with automated reponses, funnel enquiry types, multiple team members and more. YEM’s free tools are used by wedding suppliers around the world to increase their bookings. And below I’ll show you […]

Server Errors that Damage SEO Efforts

Server errors, more correctly server header status codes, can damage SEO efforts, so it is important to understand how these work and what they indicate to the search engines. When your server gets a request to display one of your website’s pages from a visitor’s web browser, the server returns a server header status code […]

Website Security Example

Hi there! So you want to see some website security in action? For our WordPress websites we use a security plugin called Wordfence. This is a typical report of how it helps protect your website. Settings Login security settings to lock people out if they answer password wrong 3 times in a row.